Held to a Standard

I was going to let this post lie, because, well, I don’t know. And then I read this, and I knew that as a sucker for sarcasm, well-played, I had to make note of both with a quote or two.

From the first post, which discusses the question, Does Barack Obama Love His Country?, the Frank Fleming quip,

There are two things the left hates:
1. Patriotism
2. Having their patriotism questioned

And from the second post,

Ben White @morningmoneyben: So per Giuliani, Obama does not love America. And per Scott Walker, Obama may not be a Christian. Is that about where we are now?
Katewerk @katewerk: Say, about that separation of church and state – how do you feel about Obama stepping in as Defender of The Faith?

[Update, 20150226] This is true too

There are two [more] things the left hates:
1. Christianity
2. Having their Christianity questioned

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