Politicians Disregard, Media Distracts : 1500 Muslims at Jew Murderer’s Funeral Service

I’ve been asked how Denmark has reacted to the recent killings. Another translation from Uriasposten:

“This isn’t a battle between the West and Islam”, said Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt last weekend and, insofar as can be judged from an article in Wednesday’s Jyllands-Posten, her political opposition is in complete agreement: 10-15 times terror is mentioned, not a word about Islam, not a word about Muslims. The newly created Finn Nørgaard Association [one of the two murdered] has love and dialogue as its basic values with the overall goal of supporting children in troubled areas, by means of, for example, “the integration of immigrants and their children in Denmark”. In other words, more of the same.

The media are second to none in this game, and much creativity has been expended to prevent Danes from having any forbidden thoughts about the future of Denmark. Nearly 1500 attended the commemorative service in Århus, and for the funeral service of the terrorist at the Society of Islamic Belief mosque on Dortheavej as well as the burial in Brøndby, 600-700 attended [This sentence is *not* translated directly as I wanted to be able to back the numbers up]. All things considered this ought to be a wake-up for average Dane: the few [Islamic sympathizers] are clearly many.

The primary story on the TV news was the fight against terror, but that various imams have distanced themselves [only] from the the murder of “innocents” or that Muslims residing in Denmark i large number applauded the murder of two Danes is, apparently, less newsworthy. For example, a certain Usman Jensen was permitted to conclude a report in the evening news by talking about the “the message of peace that Islam is at its core”.

The news programs on the different channels are nearly identical, although one of them included one those interviews with an “unofficial” spokesman for Islam that have a tendency to go awry. Most would not speak on camera, but one younger Arab wasn’t bothered. The day that “angry, young Arabs” are satisfied with life in Denmark, all Danes will be aliens in their own country and subject to the tolerance of others.

Arab: What do I think about what he did? What do you think about those drawings you published?

Reporter, TV2: Do you think what he did is OK ?

A: Of course, it’s OK

As so many Muslims commemorated the terrorist, some media outlets tried to diminish the nature of the problem. One newspaper tried with a “moderate Muslim at the service” and so let the engineer, Ziad El-Abdellah explain, that even though Omar died “in an unusual event”, he still has a right to be remembered. Moreover, he explained, the Imam spoke also of the injustice that will, from now on, take place against the Muslim population.

Various comments from the media:

  • A group of young men yelled “Allahu akbar” at the hearse, as told by a reporter. According to one of the Muslims present who wanted remain anonymous, this is not normally done
  • Takbir, Allahu akbar
  • “When there are so many that will participate in the funeral, it is because it is not up to us at judge if he is guilty or not”, said a young man in a black down coat after the service
  • “I don’t belive he is guilty. It’s never been proven that he was guilty”.
  • “This is tragic for all parties. We are here solely in sympathy with the family [of the terrorist? apparently]“
  • This is not good…[he] was my brother in Islam”
  • He supported our prophet; I won’t say anymore”
  • It’s your own fault; we will take responsibility for this event. It is you who must take responsibility for offending the prophet Muhammad. It is you who have caused this event, this terrorist.
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