The Power of The Narrative

Not much more need be said:

Moderns are so conditioned to believing that the Narrative can be substituted for the facts that they don’t care about the facts any more. Consequently they occupy themselves with trivial pursuit, whispering to themselves in the manner of the courtiers at Versailles over whether Monsieur Giuliani addressed the Sun King in the proper style or whether Monsieur Gowdy has a worthy haircut. It’s all about fashion trends and coolness. Yolo, dude.

And so they make clever conversation with each other, judging each other by the polished turn of phrase. All the while the shadow comes closer. And nobody gives a hoot. The catastrophe in Eastern Europe demonstrates the folly of folly. The White House is preparing great cauldrons of Kool-Aid right now, and there are appears to be no shortage of thirsty takers ready to imbibe.

I’m not sure I would use the term “Moderns” – I like to think of myself as modern, insofar as I don’t live in a mud hut nor cook/heat my home with dung. Nonetheless, I was unaware of a term as for the intersection of urbanites, progressives, politically involved, and credentialed.

That said, the post to which the link above points, has a much wider focus and is well worth the read.

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