Copenhagen, After-action Report

Lots of pictures and text (which I’ll translate below) from the so-called extreme right-wing website, Uriasposten. Some of the text was written by the blog owner himself, but some is just copy-and-pasted from various reports of the Danish/Swedish MSM. The, for me, interesting part, is the reactions section including comments from various people at the end of the post (NB, didn’t translate the blog post’s own comments). This is probably helpful for those unfamiliar with the Scandinavian situation – and, oh, yeah, Scandis don’t much distinguish between ‘v’ and ‘w’.

[lead paragraph from author]

As it turns out, the murdered person at The House of Culture, The Powder Keg, on Saturday afternoon was Finn Nørgaard, a 55 year old film director who was participating in the arrangement [going on in the building]. The perpetrator got away and just before midnight attacked the synagogue in Krystalgade where he liquidated Dan Uzan, a 37 year old Jewish man who was guarding the meeting of the parishioners inside. Five policemen were wounded during the two episodes, none critically. [...]

[picture comment]

Bullet holes at The House of Culture[...]

[two comments with links to posts from Danish MSM outlets]

Jewish leader’s comment about the dead man: Dan Uzan helped prevent a massacre (Berlingske, 15. februar 2015)

It was the 55 year old photographer, producer and director, who lost his life Saturday in connection with a shooting at Østerbro in Copenhagen, where a perpetrator opened fire on the The Culture[...] (TV2 Online, 15. februar 2015)

[a couple of pretty obvious comments left untranslated, followed by]

Around 5 on Sunday morning, the presumed gunman was killed, when police confronted him at the Nørrebro Station. On TV2 News, one can follow as the police ransack all apartments at Mjølnerparken 38. In addition, the police are investigating at Svanevej 1.

[and this one for the picture]

First picture of the dead perpetrator 15. februar 2015.

[an uncommented series of pictures from Sunday morning at the synagogue]

[a series of comments, notice that some go back a couple of years]

Reactions, before and after

  • This isn’t terror – there’s a crazy Swede running around. Excuse me for saying it, but Lars Wilks [the crazy Swede] has been begging to be attacked. I don’t feel sorry at all for the man, who has done everything he can to provoke. I don’t have any sympathy at all for him. [...] (Uffe Ellemann-Jensen i Berlingske, 23. maj 2010) [UEJ was the foreign minister back in the 80s who seemed to understand the danger posed by the Soviets, but has not been able to fathom the dangers of Islam]
  • I wouldn’t die for Vilks Roundabout Dog. In an otherwise thoughtful column in The Day’s News, Lars Linner reminds us of Voltaires maxim that “I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”. This is the proudest, but also the most empty saying of all – very old. How many people are actually ready to die for a perspective one finds hateful. It would be awful if one of Sweden’s best authors should offer his life for Vilk’s right to persecute Muslims. (Åsa Linderborg i Aftonbladet, 14. marts 2010)
  • Too bad Vilks didn’t take a bullet. (member of Swedish Social Democrats Mia Giorgetti på Twitter, 14. februar 2015) [twitter account deleted, but the memory was saved]
  • It would be a fine gesture for politicians to show their solidarity with everyone including Muslims who, in their daily lives, will undoubtedly be the next victims. (A press release from The Islamic Belief Society, 14. februar 2015)
  • Terror is a product of conflict. war, and social helplessness. To use terror [not sure the reference] as an excuse to create more of these conditions is not just dumb and nonsensical, but it also helps the terrorists. (Erik Storrud på Modkraft, 14. februar 2015)
  • One can hear SR [Sweden Radio] fight hard for their Weltanschaung in that it was, after all, only the politically extreme that were hit.(News on Sweden TV; via Snaphanen)
  • The evenings most startling comment came from an older Swedish lady at a birthday party as a follow-up to the terror attack in Copenhagen: can’t they just lock him [Lars Vilks] up? (from an email)
  • Are you worried about the consequences that this will have for Danish Muslims? (the Swedish Daily’s Asem Elghiouane to Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at a press conference, 15. februar 2015)
  • The terrorists have won if we publish the drawings. (Arne Ullum i Presselogen på TV2 News, 15. februar 2015)
  • If it appears that the terrorist is a Muslim, I’ll be the first to say that he is not a Muslim. (a not quite literal rendering of spokesman from Minhaj-ul Quran Qaisar Najeeb på TV2 News, 15. februar 2015)

[and finally, from the Facebook screen-grab]

Maybe now you’ll learn little Denmark has for a long time had troops in our land and fought against us so it’s time for you to get the same medicine I think.

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