Burned Cars

There are times when I tell someone about the thousands of cars that are burned each year in France. The actual number is so great, however, that when it is mentioned. no one believes it. So, this post exists to to hold links discussing this topic.

The first is from New York Times [January 2, 2013]. A couple quotes:

Interior Minister Manuel Valls said late Tuesday that 1,193 vehicles had been burned on New Year’s Eve, mostly in urban areas, including 209 in the Paris region, though none in the city itself. What might come as a surprise is that the number is not considered by the French government to be particularly high.

And further down the page

The overall number of vehicles burned was in line with the 1,147 on the night of Dec. 31, 2009, the last time the government announced the figures. More than 40,000 vehicles are burned each year in France, Mr. Valls said Monday on RTL radio, calling it “an intolerable form of violence against property.”

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