Clean Words for the Money

(rene ord for pengene as they say in Danish); that is, “plain speaking” :

The day before yesterday [January 12, 2015], France deployed military units for the protection of its citizens after the recent terror attack. This drastic action reveals the extent of the crisis not just in France, but in the West itself: we see a country’s own military mobilized to its own territory to protect its own citizens that are threatened by an enemy in its midst. [...]

When the military is mobilized, a state of war exists, and if that military is deployed in its own country, this is usually termed a civil war.

From here – with a hat tip to Kim.

Original text below the fold.

I have edited the two paragraphs for effect. The first concludes with a, for me, non-sequitur. The second pulls back the insinuation of an actual civil war and heads off in another direction of the author’s choosing. A direction less bombastic, more reasoned, but also less insistent. Or to use the term he discusses, with less thymos.

I forgårs satte Frankrig sit militær ind for at yde borgerne beskyttelse efter terrorangrebet. Dette drastiske tiltag vidner om omfanget af den krise, som ikke blot Frankrig, men hele Vesten befinder sig i. I Vesten ser vi nu, at et lands egen hær mobiliseres på landets eget territorium for at beskytte landets egne borgere, der er truet af en fjende, der befinder sig midt i landet. [...]

Når man anvender militæret, tilkendegiver man, at man er i krig, og anvender man militæret på eget territorium, kalder man det gerne borgerkrig.

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