The definition itself:

In a 2004 book, the word was adapted by the British conservative philosopher Roger Scruton to mean “the repudiation of inheritance and home.” He argued that it is “a stage through which the adolescent mind normally passes”, but that it is a feature of some, typically leftist, political impulses and ideologies which espouse xenophilia (preference for alien cultures).

Three examples that discuss the manifestations:

The first from Richard Fernandez:

Do you think our elites [completely invested in multiculturalism, social deconstruction and redistribution] won’t punch the door buttons to let the killers in to shoot us? They already have. They already have.

The second is from one of the masters of modern journalism, James Lileks:

Anyway. The Euro-universalist politicians don’t care about Islam as a belief system. Their goal is to gain additional privileges by managing the diminution of the old order, thinking they will come out on top when a new arrangement emerges. It will be anti-capitalist (but they’ll still make money), multi-cultural (but they’ll still choose to live in areas which lack the glorious diversity they cherish), anti-religious (because as long as traditional European religiosity is diminished, that’s enough) and will create a society in which nothing is actually produced (except for the idiots who labor in the fields) and jobs are scarce, but the state provides all with sufficient resources to write free-verse poetry – most of which, in this paradise, you suspect will concern itself with Injustice.

The third is from the delightful Kathy Shaidle via the equally delightful Small Dead Animals:

Timely reminder: Letting Muslims move to the West after 9/11 is like hiding Nazis in your attic during World War 2

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