An Interesting Set of Stats

From this:

So adding up ALL black lynching victims throughout American history, plus the average yearly female victims of “intimate partner” homicide, PLUS the total yearly average of anti-LGBTQPLDSTBQ murders, you get a grand total of 6,010 dead bodies. True, that’s not as high a body count as the 7,000 or so blacks who get killed in America by other blacks every year, but it’s nothing to sniff at.

Now the point of the post above, if not the quote, is that drunk driving is a much worse problem than those others that get all the publicity, but I’d like to focus on something else using this which is much more direct and much less diplomatic.

PS I find this article to be an interesting example of how an amazingly little known stat (the number of blacks kills by blacks per year) is discounted in the context of an exaggerated assertion.

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