Long(er) Time, No See

Lost access, then lost interest, then it took a while to get back to remembering and cherishing. There’s lots of things worth remembering, let’s see if this continues.

From this article on NRO someone commented:

If human beings are to survive at all our inherent selfishness and tendency toward anarchy and chaos must be restrained in some fashion.

If people restrain themselves by adhering to a culturally agreed-upon moral code (most often for religious reasons), they can form a civilized society with relatively little in the way of government.

When people refuse to restrain themselves or when there is no shared moral code to adhere to then civilization degrades into anarchy and anarchy progresses to tyranny as people desperate to simply make a living and get from one day to another in some degree of safety band together behind a strongman who can impose order on the chaos.

Very nicely put.

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