Christmas Comes Early to TtRTtC

Oof, lot’s of links and quotes to remember. So, how did it get here… (Wayne’s World squiggly screen)… It all started, like so many other link trips, with Driscoll.

He was collating a bunch of links in service to the claim that:

[...] once Nelson Mandela was triumphant in South Africa, the nation ceased to be a news story in American media. Good people are now in charge of a nation, therefore no bad things could possibly be happening there.

One link led to Ms Shaidle – always worth a visit – and both pointed to a new site for me, Laura Rosen Cohen. Her website is called “End of Your Arm” because “If you want a helping hand, look to the end of your arm.”. Heh.

So, I stayed around there for a bit and found this which got me to Small Dead Animals which linked the following quote about Peggy Noonan from Jeff at Protein Wisdom

Or, to put it another way, one of the women who helped guilt the American people into electing a transformative Marxist with a dubious background and no governing experience, a man who, after his drug-addled youth hung out with domestic terrorists, academic (and activist) anti-Semites, and got his religious counsel from a man steeped in hatred of Whites and Jews, as head of the free world — while simultaneously turning down her nose at figures like Sarah Palin, who has proven over the course of time to be every bit as prescient as Ms Noonan was bamboozed, hoodwinked, and gloriously conned — is now writing to tell us the President is not who he promised he’d be.

Man. That’s writing. Read the whole thing, of course.

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