The Tyranny of Myopia

This article is brilliant, as perceptive as anything written in the last 10 years. I probably can’t quote the whole thing, but I would. Here’s a few quotes – you’ll have to read the article itself for an explanation of the title.

Setting the stage

Nonetheless, it was a great pleasure to experience an overlap between my own personal political convictions and my academic position that the political categories as existed after the Cold War were obsolete, and I interpreted Trump as a necessary and desirable first step toward this political realignment.

Reasons for hope:

Put another way, if a candidate with nothing more than the support of the people can win against the coordinated opposition of every single powerful institution in society, that says there remains something healthy about the functioning of our democratic institutions.


After spending $7 trillion on Mideast wars since 2001—that is, for perspective, more than the collective market capitalization of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google combined, plus the entirety of student loan debt, plus private credit card debt—after all of that, we couldn’t spare $20 billion for a wall to protect our country. After $800 billion in military budget funding, not even $20 billion to build our wall. I’m almost thinking it may be a better prospect for us to give Raytheon or Boeing the contract for the wall. Maybe then we’d have a better chance of it getting built.

And finally

Another aspect of institutional failure that has not changed and is indeed becoming exacerbated is the lack of accountability for failure and wrongdoing. This is evident in the fact that not a single person has been held accountable for our disastrous wars in the Middle East, and in fact, some people have even been rewarded with positions within the current administration. Not a single person has been held responsible for the financial crisis of 2008. There’s not a single person held to account for the opioid crisis, which continues to ravage our nation. And there is not a single person who has actually been held accountable for this now-revealed Russia hoax, in which the upper-echelons of the Justice Department, FBI, and CIA conspired in what amounted to an attempted coup and an attack the legitimacy of the president and our electoral system.

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64% of federal arrests are noncitizens

Paul Bedard from the Washington Times reports something interesting about immigrants:

Federal arrests of noncitizens have jumped over 200% in the last 20 years and now account for 64% of those arrested, according to the Justice Department.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics said that federal arrests of non-Americans rose 234% from 1998-2018. For U.S. citizens, the percentage rose just 10% over those 20 years.

But more importantly

“Opponents of immigration enforcement are obsessed with trying to establish that illegal aliens and legal immigrants commit fewer crimes than Americans, and so, as their narrative goes, local law enforcement agencies should not cooperate with ICE and should adopt sanctuary policies. This is first of all not true, but is off-point and a dangerous conclusion. What these numbers show is that there are certain types of crime that are disproportionately associated with illegal aliens: drug trafficking, certain gang crimes, and identity theft and document fraud,” she told Secrets.

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Trump’s Loyalty To Republican Values Questioned

This is gonna leave a mark.

Republicans are often calling Trump’s loyalty to their party values into question, claiming Trump seems to have become a Republican out of convenience after being a Democrat for many years.

His critics’ latest scathing attack came after the president betrayed a beloved Republican pastime of not taking any concrete steps to defund Planned Parenthood and outlaw abortion.

This is the first time, I think, that I’ve posted something from Babylon Bee without reference to something else. This is brilliant.

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Nice Distillation

More and more declare themselves to be Trump supporters. Some say they have always been so, but felt forced to keep quiet. Others went from a Not Trump or even possibly a Never Trump position, like Eric Erickson – the author, Rod Dreher, Mr Crunchy Conservative himself, continues to resist albeit less aggressively.

Mr Erickson had a nice distillation of what got him to this point:

We have a party (the Democrats) that is increasingly hostile to religion and now applies religious tests to blocking judicial nominees. We have a party that believes children can be murdered at birth. We have a party that would set back the economic progress of this nation by generations through their environmental policies. We have a party that uses the issue of Russia opportunistically. We have a party that has weaponized race, gender, and other issues to divide us all while calling the President “divisive.” We have a party that is deeply, deeply hostile to large families, small businesses, strong work ethics, gun ownership, and traditional values. We have a party that is more and more openly anti-Semitic.

The Democrats have increasingly determined to let that hostility shape their public policy. They are adamant, with a religious fervor, that one must abandon one’s deeply held convictions and values as a form of penance to their secular gods.

On top of that, we have an American media that increasingly views itself not as a neutral observer, but as an anti-Trump operation. The daily litany of misreported and badly reported stories designed to paint this Administration in a negative light continues to amaze me. Juxtapose the contrast in national reporting on the President and race or Brett Kavanaugh and old allegations with the media dancing around the issues in Virginia. Or compare and contrast the media’s coverage of the New York and Virginia abortion laws with their coverage of this President continuing the policies of the Obama Administration at the border, including the Obama policy of separating children from adults. Or look now at how the media is scrambling to cover for and make excuses for the Democrats’ “Green New Deal,” going so far as to suggest that maybe, just maybe, the outline of policy initiatives was an error or forged.

Update (20190821): This is good as well from an evangelical perspective:

Recall that Trump was running after eight years of President Obama. Those eight years saw the federal government attempt to force nuns, literally the Little Sisters of the Poor, to violate their consciences and fund birth control. Obama took ‘em to court over that. The eight years of Obama saw activist leftists haul Christian cake bakers to court and destroy their livelihood. The eight years of Obama saw a very emboldened left vent its hatred for everyone to their right, and evangelicals knew we were in their crosshairs. They went after Christian-owned Hobby Lobby, they used our tax dollars to fund abortion, they made their disdain for our faith abundantly clear. The Democrats’ 2016 appeal to us amounted to “Vote for us, you stupid, racist, bucktoothed haters!”


Speaking for myself and the evangelicals I know, Trump earned our votes by articulating many of our ideals fearlessly. This suggested he might actually follow through, unlike many who have called themselves “conservative” for their entire lives but “grow” left once they get to Washington. If we got some policy wins out of him, all the better.

Trump has been strongly pro-life, strongly pro-American, strongly pro-Israel, strongly pro-capitalism, and he has pushed back against the freedom-robbing regulatory state. He cut taxes and he left evangelicals alone. He didn’t sue the nuns. He doesn’t want our guns.

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They Eventually Reveal Themselves

This guy (CPA, Business owner, ex-Republican with some 3000 followers and some 83k tweets using an inspiring picture of Biden on his intro), is moved by the ever-so conservative Andrew Sullivan, who wants to take the so-called high-road and he’s willing to do it at any cost. And so when someone cooks his argument down to its essence:

It’s always better to lose and be so very gentlemanly about it.

He responded:

It’s better than acting like a leftist to own the leftists.

Note that this very definitely implies that actually implementing non-leftist policies and/or reversing leftist policies is unimportant if it means electorally defeating the left by using their own tactics against them.

Schlichter addressed this from a different perspective in a different thread:

When all you get are lies – about what happened, about you, about your motives – then you are neither crazy or wrong to conclude that your opponent is not operating in good faith, and that the usual modes of interaction will be fruitless.

but the meaning is probably too extreme for that guy above.

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Man, Two More Interesting Comments

to build on the two from the previous post.

Leftist knucklehead tweets:

I just watched at least 50 cops in Philadelphia struggle to stop a single active shooter on the news just now.

Can we stop this “good guys with a gun” bullshit now? It’s a myth.

To which Cam Edwards responds:

This guy was a six-time convict who somehow still managed to illegally possess guns and drugs. Can we stop this “banning stuff works to get rid of it” bullshit now? It’s a myth.

And then there was this from a confirmed H8er

So to the gun nuts who think people need arsenals to protect against “government tyranny,” notice what that mentality allows for in places like Philadelphia right now…people couldn’t hold an entire neighborhood hostage like this in a sane society that valued life over guns

To which Mr Schlichter noted:

You kind of proved the patriots’ point.

Seems like small number of armed people can have a disproportionately large impact.

There are 100 million US gun owners.

Perhaps declaring war on them is a poor idea.

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Two Interesting Comments

from a blog with some very smart commenters.

[I]f the 20,000 committing suicide each year are old White men, what’s the upside to preventing them?

All the best people have assured me old White men are the cause of every bad thing that has ever happened. Shouldn’t we be encouraging them to kick off, for the betterment of society in general?

Most blogs would be happy to have a single high quality comment like this, but no, there’s another further down.

[...] We all know that while licensed, legal gun owners commit few gun crimes, they are, in fact, responsible for all gun crimes. It is a kind of a mystery.


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Is ID Racist?

Schlichter observes:

Background checks on guns are racist because many Democrats apparently lack ID. We know this because voter ID is terrible. How can you demand they produce ID to exercise a right?

And furthermore (comment to tweet)

I totally agree and I think banks should stop asking for ID, when police pull you over, they can’t ask for it either, and oh, liquor stores also. As a matter of fact, everything that requires ID is racist. Why even issue ID’s to people at all. Why can’t we just be IDless people?

Hint: it’s sarcasm. There’s more (lots more) at the link above.

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A Reminder

From Wretchard the cat:

The only thing holding up the world at this point is the thoughtless routine and naive virtue of the working stiff. All the things the world weary revile: customary honesty, religion, family sustain our life. As for our “world leaders”, they are twisted and mad.

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Biological Reality

The Zman, via Vox, posts about biological reality.

Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. Biological reality is no exception. The history of man has been a struggle between people. History, geography and some good fortune made Europeans the dominant people on the globe, because they were willing and able to out-compete their rivals. That’s reality. If Europeans are unwilling to compete, then they will be overrun by their rivals. That too is reality, a realty that will not go away even if the deniers stop believing it.

Biological reality is a brutal reality.

As a practical matter, that means the Europeans will have to deport their non-European populations. Not all of them, but most. Telling a few million Muslims they have to go back is not something our betters care to face. Similarly, it means sinking enough migrant boats in the Mediterranean to discourage the practice. Europe’s leaders lack the stomach to defend their people, so instead they have embraced magical realism as a coping strategy. It’s an effort to gracefully lose the struggle for life.

Europe, the West, has a long way to go before it will be able to sink migrant boats in the Mediterranean – or shoot at illegal immigrants at the southern border.

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