Tangletown Redux

Driscoll via Instapundit posts an update link to a post from James Lileks. Lileks lives in or near Tangletown (I don’t actually know) and did a follow-up. It’s actually pretty interesting because he found out what actually happened and what happened after (link to the original post is here).

As to his conclusions about the event, I can understand that he might be sensitive about the event, because it took place in an area he’s lived in for years; they’re his people, so to speak. However. Lilek’s opinion, which is actually pretty strong, is made so opaque with there’s this and there’s that, that I see many readers (from the comments) misunderstanding his point. Case in point is his attack on the “lol, Biden sign” people and then kinda, sorta reversing course to admit that yes, the people for whom one casts their votes can and will affect their life.

Anyway, nothing from the original post to take back or modify or otherwise regret.

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Tangletown Tirade

A friend of mine sent me a link to a Powerline post, Crime In My Old Neighborhood. While I can’t claim it to be my old neighborhood, I can claim that I know the area and have visited it more than a few times: one of my uncles owned a house there. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter parties with the extended family have been spent there.

Now. Read the post. Don’t worry, it’s mostly one big image.

One of the comments is from another metro-dweller who I sort of know as a fellow commenter on a blog we frequent. He remarks on the possibilities of being legally armed and taking action against the carjackers. I’ll just post the whole comment, because it’s actually the second half that I find interesting (I’ll bold it).

Imagine the driver had a permit to carry a pistol, was carrying a pistol, and shot him dead. Could she beat the murder rap by pleading self-defense?

Didn’t start the fight – check.
Imminent threat of death by the guy pointing a gun at her – check.
Used reasonable force (gun for gun) – check.
Could not retreat. Maybe? Throw it in reverse? Run him over?

She might not be convicted but she’d spend a year in jail waiting for trial, her attorney’s fees would be more than I make in a year, and the mob would demand she and her husband be fired, their kids expelled, and their house burned down because the yute was just turning his life around when she ended it in a fit of white supremacist racial oppression.

The lesson here is the one Jeff Cooper gave when asked: “If you knew you were going to a gun fight, what gun would you take?”

“If I knew I was going to a gun fight, I wouldn’t go.”

Just so, as I don’t go to Minneapolis anymore, even the nice parts, ever. Because nobody wins a gun fight: there’s only the guy who lost his life and the guy who lost everything else.

I was there, right near the area, a few weeks ago, but Lyndale going north was backed up and I turned west on 54th prior to making it Minnehaha Parkway where I wanted to drive. I doubt I’ll go there again.

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The Last Free Election?

Don Surber explains: Election theft and the Audacity of Evil.

These people were good enough to plan and execute a heist involving 10 million ballots in 11 key states (the six they swiped plus their failed attempts in Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas; why do you think Fox was so slow in calling those last two states).

They could have done so stealthily. Instead they wanted to get caught. They wanted to rub their theft in the noses of their opponents. This is an act of political sabotage. Like all terrorist acts, the perpetrators want full credit.
They want this to be the last free election. They wanted to be caught because that demoralizes the opposition.

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War is Peace

Somewhere Orwell is smiling:

“I’m against it. Based on even the words of our own witnesses today, the corruption in Afghanistan is unsolvable, the war in unwinnable, & the strategy is undecipherable,” Gaetz said.

At the hearing a fellow from Carnegie Endowment for Peace advocated for more Afghan war. Natch.

More info here (including from Mr Peace).

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Someone notices something:

We’ve been told for months there would be a “Second Wave.” We were told that slowing the curve would help prepare for it. We gave in to restrictions, mandates, job loss, delayed medical treatment, killed schools, suffered loss, cancelled events, and mourned alone. 1/

2/ We did all that we were told and then some. And now the radical activists in government are saying they are STILL unprepared for the “second wave?” Why have hospitals not prepared? Why haven’t they stockpiled PPE? Why did they lay off hundreds of staff and close facilities?

3/ Have they all been waiting for their payout? What has been promised to hospitals, companies, education groups, unions, and govt activists? FOLLOW THE MONEY to find the agenda. There is no logical reason every healthcare facility and govt agency isn’t ready for 2nd wave.

Oh, but others are noticing as well:

Eight months to prepare for the event, but nothing was done.

Or as a follow-up

I wouldn’t say nothing.

We paid for a useless $7M building that needs major repair.

We closed 2 hospitals.

We allowed major parts of the city to be destroyed.

@GovTimWalz gives Minnesota what they want.

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Update (20201127): The wall (of fraud) continues to crumble:

A new analysis of the 2020 death statistics in the United States has revealed that despite the panic over COVID-19, the total number of deaths in all age groups — including the elderly — showed no change before or after the arrival of the virus.

Another brick in the wall.
As I mentioned in this post, MN is in another Walz Lockdown. It includes gyms and other workout venues. The head of Lifetime Fitness has requested the data behind the lockdown to which Walz replied, It’s not about numbers. It’s not about data. It’s about neighborliness. Geez.

One of the commenters to that post cut through an awful lot of crap with this:

Breaking News: 90 Year Olds With Multiple Preexisting Conditions Continue To Die In America

Clearly, everybody else needs to locked in their homes.

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A Tyranny of the Good – Real Life, Part 6

And from the authoritarian to the even more authoritarian. Steen fra Snaphanen has this article/post, Indifference towards a people by Jens Graae (original below the fold).

Indifference to the constitution is indifference to a people.

In Denmark today, there is a large majority of politicians in the government and its coalition support parties, that clearly think that the constitution and the normal process of legislation is not important. Laws that are easy to change retroactively. Just change the means by which laws are passed to something else.

The social-democratic government overran the mink farmers like a harvester. The entire business was ordered to be dismantled by the government and its coalition parties. There was no thought given as to let the mink farms unaffected [by Kung flu] survive. Protests were ignored. The police as well as the [Danish National Guard] operated extra-judicially in following the government’s orders. Only empty cages remain. So, what’s the next betrayal? Chicken farms? Or maybe roast pork will be made illegal to satisfy the new Muslim citizens that the government and its leftist parties have taken in as reliable voters.

The question, which will become more important, is whether the majority of the political parties in the Folketing [Parliament] are comprised of those true to the party only. If so, we are closing in on a situation where the Prime Minister can confidently act knowing that everyone will follow. It is the point in time where a belief in one’s own power can reduce the constitution to a nothing – which we’ve already seen. The next step is the power above all others, a dictatorship.

The author spends a lot of time blaming, rightfully so, the political parties that accept and even support this distressing development. However, I think it is worthwhile to remember that poll mentioned in the previous post (see the link at the top) in which at least half the population in Denmark agrees with these activities. Mencken’s adage about given people what they want, good and hard, comes to mind.
Continue reading

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Schlichter retweeted a twitter exchange which started like this:

I don’t particularly like having to take my shoes and belt off at an airport since 9/11 but I don’t complain about it. Wearing a mask is nothing. People need to get over themselves.

The response:

Funny you use that example, because those post 9/11 measures were supposed to be TEMPORARY.

19 years later, going through an airport is still a pain in the butt. As if you can hijack a plane with a 500ml bottle of water and body lotion. [Man shrugging image]

If you want to wear a mask, go ‘head.

And the follow-up:

People still ain’t getting it.

It’s not just about masks.

It’s about CONDITIONING you to comply with every shitty little request.

You’re being programmed to become more and more of a slave.

Don’t think. Don’t question. Just do as you’re told.

To be honest, I don’t think there was conscious intent because that would imply a higher intelligence. I do think, however, that someone is going to or has realized that there’s this small but growing heard of gift-horses that can be harnessed.

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Update (20201120): Small rewrite. Title change. Emphasis on some items I think I (and others) are glossing over.
Scott Johnson at Powerline continues to do great work in spite of the frustrating and annoying behavior of our government in MN. So, as of Saturday, we have a new lockdown. One of the go-to guys for Johnson in figuring all this out is Kevin Roche, who “takes up various strands of Walz’s assertions this week in his comments on the recent press briefings (not specifically including today’s, but they apply)“. Link here. Roche’s main comments are given below edited a bit for brevity; the post in its entirety and the site itself are well worth your while in any case.

1) The Governor has a standard approach to the epidemic decisions that revolve around messaging, not around good decision-making. He constantly appeals to emotion, not rationality.

2) The Governor takes no responsibility for those unilateral actions and constantly attempts to assign blame to external factors and other people. This was recently demonstrated by the shaming and blaming of the population of Minnesota for the surge in cases, despite presenting no evidence to support any behavior change.

3) He has engaged in a campaign of absolute terrorization of the population, emphasizing risk and danger, when the threat to the general population is low.

4) The responses to the epidemic have been unbalanced and reflective of what I call coronamonomania. We never even hear about the jobs lost, businesses gone, those deaths from missed health care, the excess drug and alcohol abuse, the children deprived of a normal school and social experience.

5) The Governor claims to be following the data and science, but he selects only research that supports what he has already decided to do. And he continues to just flat out lie; there is no other way to describe it.

6) His recent responses further restricting bars, restaurants and gyms are not supported by any data. The facts, which were tweeted out by state senator Munson, clearly show that restaurants, bars and gyms account for barely 1% of total cases,

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I Don’t Know One Good Thing He’s Done, Redux

The list here is frankly overwhelming, so here’s another that’s still pretty big but smaller than the previous. It was written by someone who really disliked Trump (I think I actually included one of screed against Trump here, but it’s gone now).

It starts out as a response to that sanctimonious prick, David French, who wrote

It’s so hard to take right-wing masculinity Twitter seriously after it spent four continuous years hyping a incompetent, cruel boy-child president as a culture war avatar [...]

And the pitch…

Incompetent? Let’s see:
- real bottom-up wage growth
- more money in the pockets of 82% of Americans thru tax cuts
- historically low unemployment, including every minority demographic
- manufacturing returns
- vaccine and therapeutics fast-tracked
- 3 Nobel Peace Prizr noms
- no hot wars. Troop drawdowns
- isolated Iran and the Palestinian Authority, leading Gulf states to seek normalization w Israel
- unmasked a corrupt Deep State
- unmasked a media so biased, it is largely considered part of the Democratic Party
- broadened GOP support with blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, Muslims, Jews, etc
- on his coattails, picked up between 10-16 House seats; flipped several state houses; held the Senate
- spearheaded a remarkable economic recovery after Covid shutdowns
- created opportunity zones
- enacted criminal justice reform
- first openly pro-life President
- Confronted China
- enacted Right to Try
- slowed illegal immigration
- lowered prescription drug prices
- renegotiated bad trade deals to benefit US citizens
- convinced allies to pay their dues for US protection
- withdrew from Paris Climate Accords
- withdrew from WHO, a propaganda arm of the Chinese communist party
- stock market at historical high
- reduced onerous regulations to allow businesses to grow and jobs to be created
- cracked down on Critical Race Theory in government
- defended school choice
- fought sex-trafficking
- slowed the opioid crisis
- brought US energy independence.

And so on.

There’s more below
Continue reading

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