A Question

In conjunction with a tweet detailing the deaths occurring on the border, a question is asked:

How are these people trying to cross our border paying the toll? Seriously, who is funding it? $5000 to the coyote from a person who makes dollars a day??? I don’t get it

The tweets in response are interesting (all coalesced into a single):

I’ve heard recently that someone in the US sponsors them.
That’s why they always have an address.
I’m assuming that once they get to the address, they become indentured servants/slaves.

BINGO!! Just wrote that. It’s a fact. I’m from SoCal/Mex. I’ve known of these cases for many years. Long before Trump I’ve tried to get someone to listen. Cases even where children/adults are the currency used. Some bring heroin in swallowed balloons. Mucho money involved. ????

Some pay very little if nothing at all then get here & owe their handlers. Basically they are turned into slaves giving 75% of their wages with jobs waiting here. Plus forced to do labor for free & yes the ones I know of do vote. Some want to go back & aren’t allowed.

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On the Border

Someone a long way away from the border tweeted:

Assuming you know this but I’ll say it anyway. Trump’s demand for a border wall was about a supposed ‘crisis’ of illegal immigration. But the humanitarian crisis in the border camps is Trump’s making. It’s cruel, intentional & proving to be ineffective (not to mention costly.)

To which a tweet thread resulted:

This is false. The humanitarian crisis in border facilities is a direct result of the illegal immigration crisis that began under Obama. Our CBP stations and infrastructure weren’t built to house mass amounts of people, and none to house children.

In the past, it was mostly young males, migrant farm workers, etc. Then it was males just coming for any work. Our facilities were meant for short processing times and you moved them out.

When Obama announced DACA, families started flocking to the border. It became a crisis when parents, who were already here illegally, started paying smugglers to bring their children, thus, the unaccompanied minors being dumped at the border.

Obama opened the detention centers because there was nowhere to house these children while they were being processed, then turned over to HHS to be transported to shelters or turned over to the parents that smuggled them here.

Because of the Flores Agreement, Obama couldn’t hold the children with their parents while the parents were being processed, thus you have “catch and release.” This prompted parents to start dragging their children with them in droves under Trump.

So you had people renting kids, stealing kids, using other family members children, etc because that was their free pass. You have a kid, you get in.

Trump begged Congress to fix this loophole, but to the Dems, no crisis, nothing to see here, move along. Trump then separated the children from their parents while they were being processed, again, because the court told Obama he couldn’t hold them together.

Then people started having a fit. Many of these children weren’t related to the people who brought them, many were abandoned once they got here. Trump stopped the separations, although I dont think he should have.

Because it’s been ignored, and anything Trump has tried to do has been shot down, we now have thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied minors at the border, and don’t have the infrastructure or funds, thanks to the Dems.

So I’m not sure what exactly you, or anyone else expects Trump or any other president to do in this crisis. We have thousands of children dumped at our border. Where exactly should they go? Should they just be dumped in the street?

People in Congress want to scream and holler “I will not give any money,” then complain about the conditions there? AOC pumping her fist in solidarity with a strike at the company making beds for those kids, and then bitches about there not being beds. #moron

I live between Houston TX and the border. I don’t need someone from DC, NY, Mass, etc to tell me what is and isn’t going on down here. We see it with our own eyes. This isn’t a crisis because of Trump. This is a crisis because of Congress.

Even Democratic mayors are getting sick of it. It’s costing the citizens of Texas to do the federal government’s job. This is just one example.

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Why It’s Just Not That Simple

Or as Schlichter put it:

There is nothing conservative about a principle that requires you to accept being silenced by a giant leftist corporations.

Or if you need a bit more context, Conservative Principles Do Not Require Us To Roll Over For Big Tech.

The problem is that many respond with, well, just build your own, but as documented by Ace there’s a problem here too:

Start your own Twitter!, the cucks and corporatists and leftwing censors said.

So someone did.

So then Twitter’s pal Apple — and these people are in frequently contact with each other, “harmonizing” their censorship strategies — bans the competitor to Twitter.

Chase is cancelling people’s private bank accounts; MasterCard is refusing to process credit card payments, and pressuring Paypal and Patreon to deplatform people.

This is getting well beyond “just make your own site.”

Do we have to make our own parallel banking system and new internet as well in order to speak without leftwing censorship?

I know the corporate cucks’ answer. Just keep that sweet, sweet corporate donation money coming, and they’ll say anything their corporate masters ask them to.

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Cursive Strikes Again

An Ace commenter (if I’m not mistaken), has had enough:

I’ve decided I’m not taking shit from a generation that can be thrown off our trails with the use of the coded language called “cursive handwriting”


Reminder of a good cursive cartoon

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This Made Me Laugh

A tweet thread from John Hayward:

That’s what this was all about: enthusiasm. Dems thought they had made Trump toxic and intimidated people out of publicly supporting him. Instead, his campaign rallies still look like Wal-Mart on Black Friday. No Dem 2020 candidate can come close to matching it.

A unrolled thread link.

The biggest idiot in Congress drove a dump truck full of flaming toxic waste off a cliff, and most of the left leaped into the void after her yelling “Auschwitz wasn’t so bad!” and “Never Again has nothing to do with the Holocaust!” on the day Trump launched his re-election bid.

It was the slowest pitch Democrats could have tossed over home plate when Trump stepped up to bat. He couldn’t have orchestrated a better launch if he could have hypnotized Dems into doing whatever he wanted.

The Dems played perfectly into Trump’s pitch as the only defense Middle America has against a gang of raging left-wing kooks. The public knows the Dems are trying to erase the southern border and they don’t want that.

The Dems are taking a lot of pressure off Trump from the right, where there is some disappointment with his effectiveness on border security. He might have had an enthusiasm problem there, but Dems just helpfully fixed it for him.

That’s what this was all about: enthusiasm. Dems thought they had made Trump toxic and intimidated people out of publicly supporting him. Instead, his campaign rallies still look like Wal-Mart on Black Friday. No Dem 2020 candidate can come close to matching it.

So the dimmest bulb on the Democrat Christmas tree decided this would be a great time to start yelling about Nazis and concentration camps, doubling and tripling down on the deeply dishonest “kids in cages” hit, which Dems see as the only punch they’ve really landed on Trump.

Middle America will, of course, notice that Democrats can only get really worked up about helping foreign nationals break American laws. They will be deeply offended at comparing not just Trump but our brave law enforcement officers to Nazis.

That flaming dump truck will keep sinking into the void and pulling the entire Dem Party after it. The Dems won’t censure AOC for her idiotic trivialization of the Holocaust, as they failed to censure Ilhan Omar for rank anti-Semitism.

That means Dems will be forced to keep doubling down and defending everything their most vile and stupid members say, because they can never admit they were wrong to excuse them in the first place. Trump will gleefully goad the vile idiots into shooting off their mouths again.

With Democrat help, Trump has reframed the early stage of the 2020 campaign as a contrast between wild-eyed left-wing ideology and his steady hand on the wheel. The Dems are letting their extremists set fire to any hope they had of campaigning as a “return to normalcy.”

And they’re allowing the extremists to hijack the Democrat social media hive mind, a carefully cultivated political asset. They want a megaphone of synchronized voices to repeat their campaign platform, but it’s going to be locked into idiots screaming about concentration camps.

The Dems believe a LOT of incorrect things about the 2016 election, but perhaps the most damaging is their failure to understand that voters recoiled from Clinton’s policies and the hard left lined up behind her, turning to Trump for protection.

By jumping off this “concentration camp” cliff, they’re setting the stage for Trump to run the same winning play against the 2020 Dem candidate. None of them would fare well against Trump asking if they think American border cops are Nazis. /end

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The Left… Nay, Liberals

All of them.

From Jesse Kelley, a quote describing the Left that is quite true:

The Left doesn’t want your apology. They want your life ruined and only the most pleasant ones stop short of wanting your life ended. They think you’re evil. NEVER apologize. Ever. The Right will never prevail until we acknowledge the true nature of the Left.

The Left… that’s not encompassing enough. Let’s see what the liberals in New Zealand are up to:

Man gets 21 months for sharing video of New Zealand mosque shooting

To which Schlichter responds

Putting people in jail for sharing videos is the world liberals want.
Save the excuses and rationalizations.
We know how it always ends.
Liberals support censorship.

Yes, liberals.

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American Christianity

From Bookworm, an essay which would be tremendously beneficial for foreigners (especially Europeans) when they blather about American Christianity: I really like American Christians.

This is so interesting because the very first example is an echo something that happened to a Euro I know who actually lives here in the US and has for years. She, however, responded by yelling at the poor old man.

After [I became a] conservative [...] I suddenly met a whole bunch of Christians, both in real life and through their writing. That’s was when I realized that American Christians are really nice people. Obviously, not each of them specifically is a nice person. There’ll be some who are petty and some who are greedy and some who are just irritating. But taken en masse, I really like American Christians.

You see, American Christians have a generous Christianity. They willingly share their lovely holidays with the world. In American, you don’t have to be Christian to enjoy Christmas trees, Christmas carols, decorated houses, Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, etc. You’re not blaspheming and subject to torture or death for having a tree in your house even if you don’t believe that it celebrates Christ’s birth or joining in an Easter egg hunt even if you don’t believe in the Resurrection. It’s okay with American Christians as long as you don’t get in the way of their core beliefs about Christ’s birth and Resurrection.

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What Any Country Needs

Driscoll links to something from National Review. I normally wouldn’t spend much time with any of these sources, Driscoll, anything from National Review and especially Kevin Williamson, but this is well put in response to a (dopey) article by Nicolas Kristof (yet another):

What [any country] needs is capitalism. But what capitalism needs are physical security, property rights, an independent judiciary, political stability, the rule of law, and a functioning civil society. Guatemala does not have these.

It is also unfortunate that the left in the West is working to sabotage all these things. So as to get to socialism.

Update (same day): And like a plate of shrimp, via Ace, [a] Democratic Socialist city councilwoman [who] has been elected in Denver [states]:

I think that we’re in late phase capitalism and we know it doesn’t work and we have to move into something new, and I believe in community ownership of land, labor, resources and distribution of those resources,” she continued. “And whatever that morphs into is I think what will serve community the best and I’m excited to usher it in by any means necessary.

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The Danish Election, 2019

Explaining Danish politics to non-Danes is an extremely difficult task. For example, the largest right-wing party is called the “Left” (Venstre). Also, the “red” and “blue” party or bloc colors have the opposite meaning of those in the US [I personally I think the Danish colors make more sense]. Moreover, it is common for Danish parties to be formed around a single issue or a single set of related issues and with the low election threshold in Denmark, they get elected to parliament. The Danish parliament thus typically has many parties – 10 will be sitting in the newly elected Folketing (Danish parliament). These parties have either almost no effect unless they’re in the inevitable coalition government or, if they are, an outsized effect in that they can take down the government. Anyway…

The final result overall was just over 52% to the red bloc (the lefty parties) and the remainder to the right, which includes the various votes lost on other parties. The new party, Stram Kurs did not make it although its nicer, better behaved sibling, the Nye Borgerlige (ie, the New Bourgeois or New Middle Class) did. As you might expect, the Danish blogs and commenters that I follow were quite disappointed. Let’s explore this.

The most adult of the synopses I read as well as the one I found most correct was from Den Korte Avis (The Compact Newspaper) The Electoral Results May Mean That Immigration Policies Will Stagnate Fatally (Valgets resultat kan betyde, at der kommer en fatal stilstand i udlændingepolitikken). Here is a portion (original below the fold):

The Parliamentary election resulted in a great victory for the red bloc and a dramatic loss to the Dansk Folkeparti (ie, Danish People’s Party, the largest and oldest of the anti-immigration parties).

If one wants to understand the result, it is necessary to examine it in relation to the last election in 2015.

The voters have reacted to what happened last time and this has caused a new and powerful swing.

The election in 2015 was to no small degree about immigration – with the Dansk Folkeparti as clear victor. Many voters saw the party as those who would ensure that control would be imposed on immigration problems.

Other parties reacted by changing their policies according to this new situation. The two largest parties, Venstre and Socialdemokratiet (the Social Democrats), promised to implement strict immigration policies. They were aware that if they didn’t, they would adversely affected.

International events and a series of actions taken by the blue bloc (the right) led to a significant decrease in the stream of refugees to Europe and especially to Denmark.

Prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Venstre) could declare that control had now been imposed on the problems. The leader of Socialdemokratiet, Mette Frederiksen, indicated that she would keep these tight policies if she came to power.

A large percentage of the voters thus got the idea that there was now no longer a need for further tightening in immigration policies.

Moreover, they were also given to believe that it was not necessary to vote for Dansk Folkeparti to keep these tight immigration policies.

As the Dansk Folkeparti showed it could work with Socialdemokratiet, there were many voters, not the least the blue collar voters, who thought that they could safely return to Socialdemokratiet.

And as Dansk Folkeparti also had worked in close cooperation with Venstre, there were many Venstre voters who thought the same.

The electoral result is not an indication that the majority is against a tight immigration policy. It is, on the contrary, an indication that many had the idea that the problems were under control.

This is an illusion. There is still a need for a great effort in a tightened immigration policy. The electoral result means a real danger of a fatal stagnation in immigration policies.

The second synposis I want to use comes from Snaphanen, In the Heat Of the Election Night (I Valgnattens Hede)

It become the year’s first evening at 20 C. Even those who aren’t overweight were sweating at the Castle [the nickname for Christiansborg, the seat of the Folketing]. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought there were so many journalists employed at the identical, irrelevant media outlets. It was in itself an experience to see the “hot blooded” Christiansborg show. [...]

The Danish voters would, yet again, for the sixth time since 2001, not solve the problems with immigration and Islam via the ballot box. By solve, I mean, exit or cancel the treaties and massively repatriate the people who have no reason to be in Denmark. First and foremost, Muslims. “As far as the eye can see, there will be 800,000 people on the dole and use 36B Danish Kroner ($6 billion) per year on clients from exotic countries who can’t take care of themselves. The ‘deep state’ protects those rejected for asylum forever”, wrote Asger Aamund.

Danes are too well off. It will need to get worse – and it will.

Europeans use Muslims as a club in their political battles with each other. They might seriously think that Islam will behave differently in the 21st century than when it conquered some 50 other countries over the past centuries. They don’t see the obvious in daily life that many, many Muslims have arrived here to conquer their country. Conquest is Islam’s standard operating procedure and if any particular Muslim should forget that, the mosques will hammer it home again.

Danes will, like the Swedes, wait until their self-afflicted misfortune is unresolvable for good. Head-slappingly stupid. “Things need to get worse – and then that’s how they’ll remain”, wrote the historian Michael Pihl. Things are still going too well for Danes and there have been far too few dead from Muslim terror. Swedes are much closer to hitting the multi-cultural pain threshold.

It seems to me that Snaphanen is describing that old Winston Churchill comment about Neville Chamberlain:

You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.

Continue reading

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Some Facts to Be Proud Of

From Ace’s place; apparently at special selected locations, Target is selling Gay Pride apparel. In the kid’s section (there’s a picture taken at one their stores).

The post’s author adds some eyebrow-raising info and a few interesting statistics of which I’ve included a few below.

  • According to a survey, 28% of homosexual men have had more than 1000 partners, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners, while 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime.
  • Homosexual men do not practice monogamy, even in marriage
  • Homosexual men are 20x more likely to sexually abuse children

Oh, there’s more. With links.

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