Unfortunately, this is probably true:

When gun confiscation comes the govt. will not be taking it from your cold dead hands . You’ll turn it in at the local police in order to renew your driver’s license., collect social sec., get your EBT card, etc. And people will meekly comply. That’s how moral conditioning works.

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More Deserving

More immigration crap.

what line did you get in to come here? why is it your country? what makes you more deserving or better than them? genuinely asking.

To which the obvious response should be (and is):

My people built a country that people beg to enter, and their people built one that they flee.

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Why The Internet is Wonderful

So, an hour or so ago, the starter cord on one of my snowblowers (snow throwers in some areas) broke off. I guess after some 20 years, it was enough. So, the rest of the time I was using the snowblower, I was thinking about how to fix it or get it fixed. I assumed I was going to need something like a starter cord replacement kit that would take a few days to order in at best – or at worst, take it to a shop, from where I could say good-bye for a week or longer.

So, out of curiosity, I thought about YouTube. I and others have done it and… sure enough Ariens Snow Blower Pull Cord Starter Repair… man, the jackpot.

And even better, it quickly became obvious that all I really needed was a replacement cord from a hardware store. An hour. And it should be back again. Amazing.

Update: This one is good as well; especially because it discusses the importance of using correct cord thicknesses/sizes and what a too-thick cord will cause.

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A Correlation

From Shot in the Dark, comes mention of a study indicating a correlation between media coverage of mass shootings and subsequent mass shootings:

Our findings consistently suggest a positive and statistically significant effect of coverage on the number of subsequent shootings, lasting for 4-10 days. At its mean, news coverage is suggested to cause approximately three mass shootings in the following week, which would explain 55 percent of all mass shootings in our sample. Results are qualitatively consistent when using (i) additional keywords to capture shooting-related news coverage, (ii) alternative definitions of mass shootings, (iii) the number of injured or killed people as the dependent variable, and (iv) an alternative, longer data source for mass shootings from 2006-2016.

Three more shootings the following week? Fifty-five percent of all mass shootings in the sample?

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Napoleon, Trump, and Why I’m Moving Towards Not Caring Anymore


Prior to Trump’s entrance on the political scene, I was very much of the feeling, burn it down, burn it all down. When Trump was elected, in spite of of everything, I got my hopes up. And then in the ensuing months, I truly believed things were going to change. And as much as I think Trump would like to fulfill all is promises, the one Big Thing he left undone or is avoiding is the problem of third world shithole immigrants in general, but mainly illegal immigrants from same. Other things have changed, some for the better, but not this issue.

Vox has noticed too:

Napoleon understood that if you act decisively in the early stages of a conflict, you encourage others who witness the example being made to take your subsequent threats very, very seriously. Trump has the concept entirely backwards. He threatens, then threatens again, then threatens some more, but ultimately fails to act. He even backs down, at times.

That’s why his bluffs are increasingly being called by his enemies, foreign and domestic, and will soon be completely ignored if he doesn’t take action very soon pour encourager les autres.

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The Popular Vote?

Twitter has continued its crusade against conservative commentators to the point where even Instapundit has suspended, no, deactivated his account. Completely understandable, but still a shame. More and more of those to which I link will probably also leave – or be suspended (witness NotDeadGlomar).

Anyway, the newest Narrative told by the left is something called the Popular Vote. They’ve been using it for years with presidential elections, but only recently have they broadened its scope to include the Senate too

So, I found this tweet very interesting.

CA GOP will likely have 7 out of 53 US House Seats, despite capturing roughly 38% of the statewide vote. If vote were distributed proportionally, one would expect GOP to have 20 House seats. Strangely, I’ve seen no mainstream media articles lamenting CA’s democracy deficit.

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Trangenderism as Propaganda

Yet another interesting link from Twitter (as if it matters in the future) to an article about how the Trangenderism “movement” is really just propaganda designed to humiliate and compel submission.

[T]he Cathedral elite know full well that transgender individuals are mentally ill and have chosen to embrace this cause for ulterior motives, as there is something inherent in the issue that provides them an advantage. Transgenderism is Type 1 Propaganda, and its primary targets are not loyal leftists, but individuals on the marginal Right

Yes, and then article quotes Theodore Dalrymple, just like I did.

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Plate of Shrimp

On Vox Populi today, Vox made the claim:

[T]he situation [...] has existed on the Left for decades. They believe literally everything the mainstream media reports, despite the fact that what is generally known as “the news” is a false narrative that has little more than an incidental relationship with the objective truth of what actually happened.

I found this to be an exaggeration (for the sake of explanation, as they say in Danish). But no, apparently not. The pollster Frank Lutz claims (today, just now), seriously and without qualifications, that “Two thirds of Democrats believe #FakeNews“.


Btw, plate of shrimp reference here.

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So, Jobs Don’t Matter

Seen at NotDeadGlomar, AJB notices something.

Hey[...], what level does the black unemployment rate have to dip to before they start voting Republican?

  • Year 2016 2018 (D/R)
  • White 37/57 44/54
  • Black 89/8 90/9
  • Latino 66/28 69/29
  • Asian 66/27 77/23

Don’t worry they won’t. And neither will Latinos or Asians either, according to the tables.

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Common Core Problems

In response to a tweet from The Federalist telling about a new article/post at their site about the Common Core scam

Common Core sucked all the energy, money, and motivation right out of desperately needed potential reforms to U.S. public schools for a decade, and for nothing.

Mr NotDeadGlomar responded:

Let’s not pretend that these schools are going to work, no matter how well funded.

The failing schools have problems that you can’t buy or manage your way out of: weak students with apathetic parents and, frequently, ESL households.

Sure, you could make them suck a little less. Expel the disciplinary problems sooner. Make the curriculum better structured. Enforce some standards on teaching as a profession. Segregated ESL.

But unless you have some magic elixir that adds 15-30 IQ points and a heaping portion of giveafuck to some of these families, they’re not going to be reading Tolstoy and doing calculus. Ever.

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